What’s wrong with the Patriots?

By: Nick Austin

The Patriots have long been the top team in the NFL for the last 20 or so years. They’ve won 6 super bowls under coach Bellichick and quarterback Tom Brady. They are 10-3 this season and 2nd in the AFC, which makes it sound like everything is all good and well in FoxBorough, but it isn’t. The Patriot’s offense can’t seem to find their identity as their defense has taken a few steps back in recent weeks. Tom Brady’s completion percentage is at an all time low at 60.5% which is tied for 31st in the league among active QB’s. The Patriots have had a revolving door of receivers since the beginning of the season which can account for the missed throws and wrong routes.   

   This is the first time in many years that the Patriots seem beatable at their current talent level, and this became evident when the Patriots couldn’t stop the Ravens, Texans or the chiefs who all have high-powered offenses. Tom Brady’s offense has clearly struggled to stay on the same page as Belichick’s defense has seemed to regress in recent weeks. And seem to have had trouble against mobile quarterbacks (Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson).  

  The patriots have a battle against the bengals on sunday. The patriots are favorites by 9.5 points and are looking to this game to get back on track offensively and defensively. The patriots last 2 games consist of the 9-4 Bills and the 3-10 Dolphins. If the Patriots win out the rest of the season then they would more than likely go into the playoffs with a first round bye and a chance to get players rested and ready to make the journey to another superbowl. 

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