Frosh and Junior Varsity Boys Basketball


On January 11, 2019 the Benicia Panthers Played the Will C. Wood Cats. The Panthers had a strong start to the game with Kabir Sinhota, number 4, winning the jump ball.. Within the first couple minutes everyone knew that it wasn’t going to be a close game. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 19-2 with the Panthers in the lead. Out of those 19 points, freshman Javon Altero number 5, had seven. 

During the second quarter, freshman Cameron Sanvels, number 11, and freshman, Kabir Sinhota, both hit three-pointers to advance the team into more of a lead. The Panthers scored a total of 16 points to put them at a total of 36 points at half-time. 

Going into the third quarter, freshman, Cade Curtola, went to the free throw multiple times for an “and one” shot after making the shot he got fouled on, then making the free throw afterward. The panthers ended with 13 points advancing their score to 49. The Cats did begin to make a comeback gaining 16 points in the third, but the Panthers quickly shut it back down. 

After the third, both teams dove into the fourth quarter wanting to win. After not scoring any points in the second and third quarters freshman Javon Altero number 5, made sure the Panthers were going to win by scoring 13 points in the fourth.  Fortunately, the Benicia High Panthers took the win with 69 points while the Cats had 33 points. 

Benicia Highschool faced Will C. Wood highschool from Vacaville in a series of games on Saturday january 11th, 2020. At 3:00pm they held their Junior Varsity boys basketball game at Benicia which followed the junior varsity girls basketball game.

The Junior Varsity game was a close one nearly tying the majority of the game with Benicia only a couple points behind. As Wood would pull ahead Benicia would rise up and keep the scores close once again keeping them neck and neck a lot of the game. They ended the first half with 20 points for the Benicia Panthers and 22 points for Wood. This left people genuinely wondering who would win, whether or not Wood would keep their score just high enough to beat Benicia or if Benicia would pull ahead in time. 

Entering the second half, the game continued to stay close. This game kept each person at the edge of their seat with how closely Benicia was behind, with 6 minutes left of the game being tied at 32 to 32 until Wood once again pulled slightly ahead. 

As Wood would gain more points Benicia would turn around and get their points back with a series of shots and some successful free throws. With the last few minutes of the game the score stayed as a one or two points difference with Wood still in the lead with 35 points and Benicia with 34 until the last few minutes of the game Wood pulled forward and scored 4 more points ending the game with 35 points for Benicia and 39 for Wood.

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