Playstation 5 Release


The new Playstation 5 logo

Sony released the Playstation 4 November 15th, 2013 and became the 2nd highest selling console ever, behind its own Playstation 2. 6 years later and we finally have some insight into their new generation of consoles. 

Instead of revealing their new console, Sony released the logo to the new Playstation 5. Xbox recently revealed their Xbox Series X on December 12th. The new generation Playstation is rumored to have backward compatibility with all previous consoles. This means you can play games from previous systems on the new system.   Sony has also confirmed that this backward compatibility will allow PS5 players to play online with PS4 players. The PS5 will also have 8K video, 3D audio, and an SSD storage system. This system would reduce the install size of games, and allow you to download certain parts of games at different times. (Like multiplayer or single player)The PS5 is set to be released this holiday season in competition with the Xbox Series X.

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