Old-style Rock is on Its Way Back in With These 5 Bands


Old-style Rock is on Its Way Back in With These 5 Bands

Rock n’ Roll has been out of the limelight for a while, but recently it has made a comeback among young people. 2020 is expected to be the big comeback for the Rock n’ Roll genre, and these bands are at the forefront of this refreshing revolution of sound. 

  1. Dirty Honey: 

Dirty Honey has racked up an impressive and loyal fan base with their Dirty Honey EP. The Hard Rock band has made world history, being the first band to top the Mainstream Rock n’ Roll charts without a record deal. Dirty Honey also has opened for big names such as Guns n’ Roses and Slash. 

Dirty Honey 

  1. Greta Van Fleet: 

As one of the biggest bands on this list, Greta Van Fleet is known for their familiar sound. Sometimes called a “Led Zeppelin copy”, this little band of siblings from the small town of Frankenmuth, Michigan is probably the most popular band on this list. Greta Van Fleet has blown up the charts with their well-known sound and unique vocals. 

Greta Van Fleet 

  1. Bishopp Gunn:

This band quickly made a name for themselves when they opened for big names like the Zac Brown Band, Slash, and The Struts. The band has a very bluesy and soulful southern rock sound. The band is full of die hard, very technically advanced musicians that clearly put a lot of thought into each song. 

Bishop Gunn 

  1. Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown: 

Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Tyler Bryant has quickly become a top-notch blues-rock shredder. His signature pink Fender Stratocaster completes his look as a unique rocker. Tyler Bryant uses fuzzed-out tones, and hard, ominous chord progressions to create a tires-to-the-pavement sound, with soft pauses in between. 

  1. Joyous Wolf: 

This band, out of Southern California features throaty vocals, and a grunge-like sound. The high-octane-head-banging riffs are enough to make anyone embrace the wild side. The vocals are somewhat reminiscent of Pearl Jam, with a more aggressive sound. 

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