Black Hole Discovered Near The Milky Way Galaxy

By Emily Davis

In recent studies, astronomers have found a black hole just 1000 light years away from Earth. A black hole is a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape. Astronomers know that it is a black hole because there are two bright starts near it, and the light of those stars are getting sucked in by the hole. This is the closest black hole to our solar system but luckily, it will not be reaching us any time soon. 

On a clear night, in the southern hemisphere of Earth, the black hole is visible with the naked eye. The stars orbit the hole every 40 earth days. Since the orbit around it was peculiar, they realised that it was a triple system with a black hole.

Although it is a very low chance that a black hole would enter our solar system, with the off chance that it would, it would most likely wipe everything out in its course. With its immense amount of gravitational pull, it would suck asteroids, moons, stars, and planets into its abyss. 

On Earth, we would experience a major gravitational change as when the black hole would near Pluto, humans would not be able to adapt to the change quickly enough to survive.  Large earthquakes and massive volcanic eruptions would occur as the Earth’s crust would begin to crack. The oceans tides and waves would be massive resulting in small tsunamis. By the time that the black hole entered earth’s orbit, the entire planet would be covered with magma. 

Earth is many years away from experiencing a black hole in the same solar system, yet if we ever do come into contact with one, there is not much we can do to prevent it from destroying everything.

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