Mental Health Takes an Unfortunate Turn


The mindset of adolescence across the United States is devastating, with growing depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, at home abuse and more. With Covid-19 striking its own problems, we’ve created yet another. Quarantine was first ordered in place March 20th, when this arrangement was made nobody could ever imagine the events to come.

 When the question on whether social distancing is showing negative or positive results towards teen minds, Mental Health technician Amber H. states in a recent interview,  “Adolescents spending more time on social media, or media in general are becoming overwhelmed and negatively overstimulated by everything going on in the world. It also affects mental health by feeling isolated and disconnected from their ¨Real life¨ as well as being depressed from missing out on what would be happening if there was no social distancing.”

Mental health is becoming more and more of a problem as we get further into Lockdown, With therapists being occupied, without an outlet for many people extreme actons have become relevant, such as suicide. The head of trauma at a John Muir medical center, Dr. Michael deBoisblant says on ABC7 news, “We’ve never seen numbers like this, in such a short time… I mean we’ve seen a years worth of suicide attempts in the last four months.”  Many people feeling disentached to the world, are obviously not alone. During these tough times, it is good to be aware that no matter how strong Someone is it is okay to not be okay. Even if they think that lockdown may not be the cause, Amber H also mentions, “Kids can be affected by social distancing without realizing it, because it causes them to not develop the same social skills as they would if they weren’t in social distancing.” 

While mental health is at risk, HelpGuide gives some examples such as, getting out of your head whether that be focusing on someone or something else other than your life/self,  limiting your consumption of news, keeping active, and finding little coping methods to help release stress and feel more mentaly intact. Stay healthy and safe during lockdown. 

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