Business in Benicia During a Pandemic


In the beginning of the New Year, the start of a new decade, people had no idea what would take place within a few months. On March 13, 2020, our lives would change forever. Lives were no longer filled with day to day schedules and routines, and instead were filled with chaos and struggle, especially for local business owners. Now in August with stay at home orders still in place, many businesses are being affected throughout Benicia. Many areas in the city are much more quiet than usual. The average number of customers has decreased amongst many restaurants throughout town. Some restaurants are suffering, and have closed or are on the verge of closing. With the decrease of business, many places have had to rely on social media and customers to  spread the news regarding their business. 

Many people have used different platforms to encourage people to continue to support local small businesses, especially restaurants. Some restaurants that have been open for decades are at risk of closing because of the month long pandemic. These restaurants throughout Benicia provide people with jobs, and ways to provide for themselves and their families. Some ways people have chosen to help support are by choosing curbside pickup and delivery. With indoor eating being restricted and face masks being required, restaurants have had to create plans that can serve their customers and stay in business. These plans, recommended by the CDC, center for disease control, included socially distanced seating, outdoor dining, and reduced capacity. 

The pandemic has also affected Benicia businesses like art studios and team activities. Almost all extra curricular activities have moved to online platforms, in order to continue their service. One art studio in Benicia has moved to a youtube channel in order to continue sharing her artwork. Other things like dance studios have moved classes to Zoom due to regulations. Other sports have had to shift to doing workouts and training through video, socially distanced, or on your own. 

The global pandemic has had a large impact on the city of Benicia. The pandemic has increased and decreased business for different businesses in Benicia. One major thing is that the COVID-19 outbreak has caused businesses to think of new ideas so that they can continue serving our town, keep people safe, and stay in business. Customers can continue to find ways to provide support to different groups with safe precautions, and it is important that everyone tries their best to support local businesses, especially during these times. 

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