Is Foster Care Beneficial?


How do you plan to keep a child safe from all the horrors of the world? You can’t, but you often try. A child that has suffered from either abuse, neglect, drugs, or etc. has already seen horrors that no child should have to see or experience. Children shouldn’t be taken from their homes to be placed in one that is equally as dangerous. What is CPS really offering these kids, if not safety? CPS stands for Child Protective Services; but these children aren’t really being protected. They are suffering all over again in these  ̈safe ̈ homes that they are staying in. How is placing a child with an absolute stranger safe for them? 

Foster Care claims to keep children safe, but do they really? CPS often places children in homes that have been proven unsafe, where abuse cycles can continue. In an article by Thomas Dane an anonymous person speaks up, saying,  ̈My family adopted 8 kids through the foster adoption system. We wound up with a family of 3, a family of 4, and one with no siblings. Along the way, we had about 200 children come and go through the house. There were all sorts of horrors. ̈ These people that you trust with children are abusing them mentally and physically all over again, it is said that 40% of Foster Parents are abusive. On an anonymous person explained why he was an angry foster kid,  ̈I was abandoned by my mom at age 10. I lived in a group home for 3 1/2 years and entered foster care at age 13. I was a very angry and confused young man. I had been abused physically and sexually while living with my mom, I was abandoned by the only person that I had ever loved. ̈ 

Children are often taken away from their birth parents when there is active abuse, neglect, or both. So when their birth parent finally decides to step up, and requests for their child back; is it right? Is it right to take that child from the safer environment that they are in, to place them in one where they had to be taken out of. You are sending this child back to the place where their nightmares lived. Or how about when you repeatedly take them from the home and place them back in it? Are you really protecting these children? The main goal of Foster Care is to not only keep the child safe, but to also reunite families. But is that putting the child at risk? 55% of Foster kids become legally emancipated. And less than 3% of kids who have aged out(or got emancipated) graduate college. How can anyone say that their situations are any better than the one where they came from? 70% of former foster kids become/get someone pregnant before the age of 21. These kids had their lives thrown away, because of their birth parents, and CPS continued to throw it away. What is CPS even offering? Most kids don’t get adopted, and according to Thomas Dane 20% of kids who age out of Foster Care immediately become homeless, and 1 out of 2 of these kids will not even have gainful employment by 24.

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