Quick California Fire Report


California's worsening wildfires, explained | CalMatters

On Sunday August 16, and Monday August 17, lightning storms raged across California. According to the New York Times, California has experienced over 10,000 lightning strikes over the past few days. Due to the Summer dryness and Bay Area wind, the lightning ignited fires around the North Bay. As the small blazes burned, firefighters were dispatched to the fires immediately and it seemed under control for about half a day. But as we know, California fires don’t just… go away. Over the past couple of days, these small fires have become full-fledged, wildfires. According to CA Gov. Gavin Newsom, “We’re currently battling 367 known fires.” 23 of them are considered major blazes.

One of those major blazes has moved into Solano County. As winds began to speed up late Tuesday night, one of the fires moved into the outer areas of Vacaville. Police and firefighters went door-to-door frantically alerting citizens of the city to evacuate. New orders have been posted online and on social media over the course of the day, and are currently being updated.

As the fires have been eating away at the state, it is important to keep in mind your own health. The air quality as of Wednesday, August 19, is 109 AQI (Air Quality Index) and will rise as the fires get worse. Anywhere from 100-150 is considered “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups”, according to AirNow.gov. The fires are likely to get worse, which will result in worse air quality. This is even more incentive to wear a mask. Breathing in Coronavirus and smoke particles is very bad for your health.

The fires will likely turn out to be like the ones we have experienced over the past few years. They will be burning for a while, and they will get bigger.

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