Sailor Jacks in Benicia California Makes Many Adjustments During Pandemic


Benicia’s waterfront restaurant Sailor Jacks has made many amounts of changes during this pandemic to keep the business going. If you have visited in the past 5 months then you have seen the restaurant change in more ways than one. Not only have they required their customers to wear masks but they moved seating to the waterfront for more seating, and they were able to space tables out six feet apart for social distancing. 

Cassie Avila, 15, got a job at Sailor Jacks as a Busser while the COVID-19 pandemic is going on. I have asked her what it is like working while a worldwide pandemic is going on. Avila said, “It’s hard at times especially when it’s hot outside since all our seating is outdoors now. I wear a mask and gloves every shift and every hour that I work making sure that I am being safe and considerate of others around me.” She also said, “Some positives about the adjustments are the fact that the waterfront view attracts customers which keeps us busy and in business. In the beginning it wasn’t as busy but now we’re getting back to our average guests per night and lately we’ve been so busy to the point where we ran out of seating.” Avila explained. 

An issue the restaurant might run into is the air quality. The air quality has worsened due to the fires happening in Solano County. This may affect the business of Sailor Jacks because of there being no inside seating. As it has been previously stated, Sailor Jacks only has outside seating. This is an issue because it is not suggested to be outside for long periods of time. 

Although Sailor Jacks has gone through many changes, made many adjustments, and has different policies now, the food remains the same and delicious!

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