When Is That Vaccination Coming?: Hopefully Soon Enough…


The majority of 2020 has been a year of stay-at-home orders, wearing masks, and people being affected and even dying from the new virus, COVID-19 which first broke out in December. It’s affected our daily lives so much that we’re all left wondering: When is a vaccination finally going to come out so we can finally make some progress and even return to normalcy at least a little bit? 

   The most prominent answer is: No one really knows. There have been many trial-and-errors when making this vaccine.  Since the stay-at-home orders started COVID began to spread more rapidly, there still hasn’t been any viable options. According to the BBC article, titled, ‘Coronavirus vaccine: When will we have one?’ written by James Gallagher last month, “The first human trial data back in May indicated the first eight patients taking part in a US study all produced antibodies that could neutralise the virus.” The scary thing is, according to the article, some vaccines take years or even decades to  create and have success.

  Even if there is an official vaccine that is released during mid-2021, there are no guarantees it will work. 

  An article from USC News written in June 2020 titled, ‘Coronavirus vaccines are coming, but when will they arrive?’ written by Gary Polakovic, laid down the ways that  even a semi-successful vaccine for Coronavirus can be produced within a year. The article says, “Vaccines can be designed through any of these four approaches: 

  • From antigens delivered by DNA/RNA that are injected into muscle cells and prompt the body to manufacture agents that harm the coronavirus. 
  • From a protein derived from the coronavirus. 
  • Via a hybrid virus. 
  • From an injection of chemically treated coronavirus that disables its growth and spread.”  

 From the sound of it, they would need to find someone who has or who previously had Coronavirus, take DNA from them and incorporate it into the vaccine medicine to help patients become immune to the virus after getting the vaccine. 

Basically, the whole premise of it is to rely almost solely on a person’s antibodies to help protect from getting sick. 

  In yet another article from April 2020 titled, ‘When will a COVID-19 vaccine be ready?’staff writer Nicoletta Lanese, wrote, “More than 60 candidate vaccines are now in development, worldwide, and several have entered early clinical trials in human volunteers, according to the World Health Organization.” More than four months later, it seems like any candidate for a potential COVID vaccine has not proven itself to be a true healer and doctors are obviously going back to the drawing to write a successful formula. 

One thing is for sure: it will be extremely difficult to release a palatable vaccine even a year now, as it has been previously stated that at the least, it can take a few years to release a vaccine; at the most, it can take decades. 

Hopefully, officials will be motivated enough by the frustration of patients and the public alike, and the tremendous US/Worldwide cases and deaths that all of them will try to work together to make something that’s helpful, at least for now. 

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