Where is Kendrick Lamar?


Kendrick Lamar is one of the most successful and famous rappers of the 2010s. He has released four studio albums and one extended play record consisting of 5 songs. Kendrick has been a pioneer in the rap game bringing back “lyrical rap” and has been credited with bringing back west coast rap. But since 2017, Kendrick has been silent. No official word on an album and no new songs. Will Kendrick Lamar drop a new album?

Is there going to be another album?

April 14, 2017, Kendrick Lamar dropped, which ended up a bestselling, Grammy award-winning album. The album “DAMN” took the world by storm, selling 603,000 copies in the first week. But it has been three years since that album. Since then, fans have been hoping and praying for another album. Fans have begun losing hope until one of Kendricks producers said, “Stay hopeful king Kendrick will return soon.” This was noted in May and caused a big uproar in the music industry. People finally began to believe that the triple-platinum artist will give the people at least one more album.

What will the album look like and when will it drop?

Before the coronavirus hit, Lamar was preparing to tour the UK, and Europe and fans had hoped that it was to promote a new album. And while the tour was disrupted, it looks like the album is on-track to drop soon. Kendrick has always been thought of as more than just a rapper. He enlisted some of the most exciting and innovative jazz musicians on To Pimp a Butterfly, and recent rumors suggest his new album will be a similar cross-genre situation. In a recent tweet, Bill Werde revealed that Lamar’s latest project is “pulling in more rock sounds.” As of now, there have been no leaks or hints of a new album name. But fans are happy just knowing there will be a new album.

Kendrick has been one of the biggest rappers of the 2010s. He has released classic after classic albums, winning multiple awards. Thankfully he is not done, and as of now, we get to hear him rap once again.

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