The Importance of Voting in not only the 2020 Election, But All Elections


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One of the biggest issues in the United states is a lack of understanding on the importance of voting. Voting is more than just checking a box. Voting is determining your future and having your voice be heard. It is important that you are doing your part to advocate for change, where you deem necessary. The definition of vote/voting is: “a way to express a wish to follow a particular course of action”. So, if you have a problem with something, vote. 

The first thing to note besides being registered, is knowing the different elections. Some of those elections include the presidency, state government, and local government. 

The most common election is the Presidential election. The preparation for the election begins months in advance from the actual election day in November. It starts off with several candidates from different parties predominantly the Republican and the Democratic Party. Candidates often share their beliefs on issues in America from social issues, economic issues, environmental issues, and much more. Eventually as it gets closer to the election time, the nominee from both parties will be selected during the primary votes, and one of them will most likely be the next president of the United States. The future president of the United States will serve a term of four years, unless they are re-elected. If re-elected, they will serve a second 4 year term, unless something occurs during their presidency, which shortens their term. As important as it is that voters spend time educating themselves on the nominees from both parties,  it is important that the candidate that you vote for represents what you believe in and what is important to you. The candidate also should represent good leadership. Oftentimes people who vote don’t see themselves represented through either candidate, and therefore they choose not to vote. This is not a good idea and is highly unrecommended. This is unrecommended because when you don’t vote, you are taking for granted the opportunity that you have to impact your future. 

Another election that your vote is important for,  is your state government. The person who represents you within your state is your governor. Governor’s sign bills, enforce laws, and dictate the majority of things in your state that affect you. Governors are similar to the president, in the sense that they enforce rules, but governors only get to do this for their province or state. 

Although the election for the president and the governor are very important, one of the most impactful and important elections is for your city council. Your city council is the voice that is closest to you and has one of the largest impacts on you as a person. Within this group, you get to vote for your mayor, the vice mayor, and council members. All issues that you have within your city can be discussed with your city council. There are Council meetings that you can participate in to have your voice be heard. Along with that, if there are issues that you see need change, there are multiple groups within your city that you can participate in to make the change. 

When people were in elementary school and middle school, and had a problem, they spoke up and told a trusted person. They ensured that they had the opportunity to share what happened to them, and how it affected them, and what they wanted to change. Voting is the opportunity that Americans are given to speak up and voice their opinion on issues that matter to theme. American women of different backgrounds went through decades fighting and demanding change, so that they could have their voice be heard through their vote. People of all different races are being attacked, murdered, and discriminated against because of the color of their skin. People are hated because of the gender that they identify as, because of who they love, and because of what they stand for. These are all reasons to vote. America is supposed to be “one nation”, so now is the time to stand up for what is right, to be brave, and to make a difference, and vote. 

Ultimately, choosing to vote is your choice, but if you are considering not voting, ask yourself why, and who your vote that you are thinking about throwing away is going to affect. If you do want to vote, make sure that you are registered, so that you can do your part.

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