Can we Still Travel During Covid-19?


Being a world explorer may be a little difficult during a global pandemic. But will that still stop people from constant adventure, business meetings, or simply seeing loved ones? Traveling obviously is not encouraged as someone could be completely unaware that they’re spreading the disease. Though it is in fact possible to travel during the pandemic, staying home is the best option to reduce any chance of catching Covid-19. However, if traveling is totally necessary in one’s position, here are some things to keep in mind before starting the journey.

Is fast and cheap air travel worth the risk of catching a worldwide disease? Turns out, health authorities including CDC point out that catching any type of airborne infections on airplanes is a low risk. Though many are concerned with possible air recycling, jetliners use High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, which filter out 99.7% of airborne microbes. Even though some airlines such as Delta, Alaska Airlines, Frontier, Southwest, and JetBlue take middle seats off the seating charts to give passengers a safer distance between each other, masks are still required.

Though airplanes may be safer than one would think, that’s not the case for airports. Airports are more risky due massive groups of different people constantly walking past each other. 

Dr. Ben-Aderet states “Airports are a high-risk area because one has a lot of people from different areas moving through a central location.” Airports in big cities are typically a hot zone for germs. The security lines and airport terminals require one to constantly touch surfaces and get into close contact with other people, no matter how careful one is. Which could potentially increase the chances of becoming infected with Covid-19. 

Would bus transportation be any safer? Busses and trains usually require sitting within 6 feet apart from other people, again this may possibly increase the risk of Covid-19. Ever since the pandemic occurred, six different countries found the demand for public transportation dropped to about five percent. However, since April, transit app data showed us public transit has been slowly increasing. In the article “In A Pandemic, Is it Safe to Get on a Bus (Or Subway)  Moses says,  “The first thing to think about is: How are you going to protect your nose, mouth and eyes,”- “The main concern is that you might pick up the virus from your fingers, whether [by touching] a floor, a pole on the subway, something you hold onto or an inanimate object.” Public transit such as busses, trains, subways will always have possible risks but by wearing a mask and using the 20 to 30 wash before and after method will reduce the possibilities of spreading Covid-19.

Although there may be many pros and cons to traveling at the moment, that’s for you and your family to decide if it’s worth all the chaos that comes with it. No matter what, maintaining good hygiene during this process will reduce the probability of becoming  infected.  One must practice good hand washing especially after touching surfaces or being in public spaces, or using hand sanitizer in addition to or as an alternative. Avoid touching your face, eyes, and mouth. Wear a mask and practice social distancing. Overall make an educated decision where, when, and how you’ll be traveling and most importantly, stay safe!  

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