Why Smoking Should be Banned?


Smoking is a very serious problem people have been fighting against for a long time. It causes cardiovascular diseases which include heart attacks, cancer, lung problems, strokes, and more. These are responsible for the deaths of 6 million people per year, which has amounted to a total of more than 100 million that have perished due to smoking in the twentieth century.

Heart attacks were the leading cause of deaths at 647,457 deaths in 2017. They accounted for 23.5% of all deaths in America. 450,000 of these were caused by smoking. Public smoking bans have reportedly reduced the rate of heart diseases by as much as 26% per year. “Interestingly, public smoking bans had a stronger effect in reducing heart attacks among women and younger individuals, which may be explained, in part, because younger people tend to frequent clubs, restaurants and bars where smoking is a likely part of the social scene,” said Dr. Meyers. “Heavily exposed people like those working in the entertainment or hospitality industries are likely to accrue the greatest benefit from smoking bans. 

(Per:https://www.acc.org/about-acc/press-releases/2010/02/22/11/56/21#:~:text=%E2%80%9CPublic%20smoking%20bans%20seem%20to,more%20slowly%20than%20heart%20attacks.)” A nationwide banning of smoking could also reportedly prevent as many as 154,000 heart attacks per year. 

Reports have also shown that people who smoke have a higher chance of turning into a regular smoker compared to a drinker turning into an alcoholic. Nicotine is a very addictive drug which releases chemical dopamine in the human brain. Only 10-15% of people who drink turn into alcoholics while 80-90% of smokers turn into a regular smoker. There have also been reports that most smokers despise smoking. An example of this was when a 38-year old woman was asked about quitting, “No. I tried, but quitting was not so cut and dry. I knew I was punishing my body but it was deeper than just a bad habit or an addiction. It was psychological with a subconscious component. It wasn’t just a chemical dependency. It was much easier said than done. 

Per(https://www.elpasotimes.com/story/life/wellness/2015/09/25/dr–sharma-interviews-a-smoker/72561872/)” They just couldn’t stop doing it because of how addicting it is. It’s more of a deadly drug than a recreational drug.

Other long term effects of smoking also include loss of smell, teeth decay, shortness of breath, asthma, and hearing loss. It also reportedly makes you look older as more wrinkles and a grayer appearance to the skin becomes more noticeable. In addition, the immediate effects of smoking include dizziness, bad breath, seizures, a rapid increase in blood pressure, and decreased appetite.  The use of nicotine has also developed a dependence towards it. People who tend to smoke regularly find that smoking is far more important than any other activity in their daily life. They have become so attached to smoking that they prioritize it over anything else.

Smoking also pollutes the environment which makes it a dangerous area for people to be in. It doesn’t just affect the smoker but also the people who unknowingly breathe in the air polluted with smoke. An example of this is pregnancy. When the mother has a history of smoking while carrying an unborn child, the chances of a miscarriage are very susceptible. Early labor is also very possible which could lead the child into being born below the average weight.

“Smoking seriously damages your lungs in several ways. It interferes with your lungs’ natural cleaning and repair system. Smoking destroys the tiny hairs known as cilia that line the upper airways and protect against infection. Because smoking destroys cilia, the dirt and pollution stay in your lungs, along with chemicals from cigarette smoke. This resultant collection of bi-product in your lungs can put you at risk of developing lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


Smoking is a serious problem many people have. Its ability to become addicting is very scary and can cause serious health problems that could be detrimental to one’s health. There are countless experts to talk to when dealing with these problems which can be beneficial. These experts give advice on how to quit smoking and lead you on the right track to saving your life. So call 800-784-8669 to help you live healthy again. 

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