Is Halloween Cancelled?


Candy, costumes, fear, scary activities,and the chilling air! You all know what i’m talking about right? The time of the year where kids get to dress up as their dream character and get free candy is coming up and people are questioning how this holiday will roll since we have been introduced to COVID. Will we get to trick or treat? Will we get to dress up? Will we even be allowed to go outside? Many questions are arising on the topic of Halloween. 

“Celebrations are permitted but are not recommended,” says Eren Jenson. “Kids have already had Easter taken away, it’s not fair for Halloween to not happen either,” says a parent from Mumsnet. As you can see, we have two perspectives from ideas about plans on Halloween, it’s been a strong debate between keeping tradition and maintaining health since COVID is still active.  Cancelling Halloween could not only affect children’s fun, but would also be negative on retailers since no one will be buying candy. They could be losing thousands of dollars. “It’s not realistic to think children will be able to maintain social distancing recommendations, as they walk around in groups and are handed treats,” says Dr Blumberg, and it’s true. It can be very crowded in the neighborhood when people are running around getting candy from others, there’s A LOT of contact and rarely any distancing. 

Public health is important, but so is Halloween to many people. Will Halloween still go through with it’s traditions? Or will many people be devastated from cancellation? We’ve got less than 2 months left to see what happens. What do you think? Should we continue Halloween? So many questions, but so little answers. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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