We Shall Live Forever


Imagine only living to 25, or 40 if lucky. 70 at the most but that would’ve been extremely rare back when natives lived in America. The life expectancy wasn’t very high, which can be considered weird seeing how many deadly diseases were not introduced to them yet. Over the years, the average human life expectancy is now 71. 

Scientists have noticed that over the years, the human lifespan has been increasing. In the 1800s most of the world was only seen to live 30 years. In 1950, in areas such as North America, parts of South America, Canada, Oceania, and a very small part of Europe contained the highest numbers. Only reaching about 70 years old. In 2015, in those same areas lifespan increased by ten years. While in some other areas people were still only expected to live 51 years. Many places, consisting of Japan, the Americas, India, Ethiopia, South Korea, South Africa and Japan started to increase around the 1900s. Unlike all the rest Japan took a hard drop from 1935 to 1945 going from the age 48 to only 30 years old. One of the obvious reasons being due to World War 2. Directly afterward the life expectancy went from 30 to 61 in 5 years, with Japan in 2014 with the highest lifespan expectancy. Anytime there is a war of some kind, there is a noticeable dip in numbers.

Mainly driven by improvements of sanitation, housing and education the life expectancy had grown. How long is the human life expectancy potentially? Many scientists have different points of views, like Bradon Milholland who claims that there is a limit that has to do with natural processes. Demographer S. Jay Olshansky claims that people passing 100 seemed to be “running up against a formidable barrier.” Also, most people did not pass 100 without dramatic medical breakthroughs. A group of prominent researchers predict that in 2050 women are expected to live 89-94 years and men living 83-86 years. In their data there is a 6 year difference between both men and women lower average. So are women living longer than men. 

Everywhere in the world, as of now women live longer than men. It was not always this way. Many reasons used to be tied with child mortality rates, which had been lower for girls than boys. Many of the reasons today have to do with fat placement in the body. Where males have more fat around the organs women tend to have more fat right under the skin. This fat distribution significance is fat surrounding the organs that predicts cardiovascular disease. Many studies show that smoking habits also impact the lifespan of men. So the question is will humans live longer in the future then today, and if so which gender?

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