Why Foster Care can be Good


On average more than 250,000 kids are put into foster care each year. Without foster care where would these kids go? They would have to stay with their parents who may abuse them physically, mentally,  they starve, and many more reasons why kids are taken from their parents. Foster care is a place that kids are put in to get out of the bad situations. 

You dont really hear much about the good things that happen to foster kids because a lot of the time people just post the bad stories and that’s what people see. But there are many good stories out there about foster care. For example, I was put into foster care with my younger sister for neglect. I now live with my aunt who I call mom, and have lived with her for 14 years now. 

More than 135,000 foster kids get adopted each year. If there wasn’t foster care, no kids would get adopted and given the chance to have a better life than they had or to even have a good life at all. Kids would have a better life if adopted at a young age.

There are so many benefits out there for foster kids. That’s another reason why foster care is a good thing: many foster kids get free dental and doctor visits until they turn 18, also the state/government sends a check each month with some money to help pay for the expenses of the foster kid or kids you take into custody. 

So therefore, foster care is very beneficial and gets people out of situations that could go very bad if they aren’t taken out of it. Foster care gives kids FREE things that are big and expensive. Foster care should be kept so kids don’t have to stay in bad situations. 

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