Does Makeup Really Ruin Your Skin?


Are you a makeup fan? Do you like wearing or seeing makeup? Makeup has been around for as long as we can remember, and it’s usually used to help a person look “prettier” as society says. It has especially become popular with teens and young adults. A large majority of women wear it on a daily basis. Now makeup is fun and all, but is it really good for your skin? 

Makeup is known for causing a lot of acne, clogged pores, skin irritation, dryness and premature aging says Tiffany Skin. It contains materials that can be harmful to your skin, especially if you don’t clean it right before going to bed. “As our pores naturally work to secrete oil that nourishes our skin, makeup traps that oil in the skin which causes pimples”, (Tiffany Skin). Your skin not only gets these painful pimples, but also gets their moisture taken away. 

“ So, just because some people that wear makeup have “bad skin” it doesn’t mean all people that wear makeup have bad skin nor does it mean they always will have bad skin, I mean as long as they treat the issues rather than cover them up their whole lives,”(Aurora Som). As said by Som, makeup isn’t all bad if you know how to use/clean it correctly. Some use makeup to cover up scars, help them with insecurities, or even have a professional career in makeup. The way your skin reacts to makeup can also have something to do with your genes or skin type, but as long as your face wash routine is good, and you know what products to use/not use based on your skin type, you’ll be okay!

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