Are people still going to dress up for halloween?


Halloween is just around the corner. Stores already have their halloween decorations and costumes out. But the real question is are stores going to get people buying halloween costumes if kids can’t go trick or treating?

Kids love halloween because they get to dress up as anything they want to be. They then get to go out with their family and get candy. But this year Halloween is a little different. Kids can’t go get candy from people’s houses. Will parents still buy their kids costumes?

Parents most likely don’t want to waste their money on a costume their kids are only going to wear once especially if they can’t go trick or treating. Then no one is going to see their child’s costume. I think children are still going to want to dress up but it’s up to the parents if they get too.

I hope that parents try and do something for their kids for halloween. At least let them still dress up. Let them have fun picking out their costumes. 

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