Earthquakes Shake the Imperial Valley


Many small tremors ranging from a 2.5 to a 4.9 magnitude occurred around 4 p.m. Wednesday close to the city of Westmorland, southeast of the Salton Sea. Westmorland is in the Imperial Valley, close to the California-Mexico outskirt. 

At any rate 45 shakes happened in the territory inside 2 1/2 hours, seismologist Lucy Jones said in a tweet. Wednesday’s multitude is “perhaps the biggest multitude we have had in the Imperial Valley – and it is truly the most dynamic multitudes in SoCal,” Jones said. 

Multitudes close to Imperial County are ordinary, however this was one of the biggest the locale has seen, as per Jones. The issues close to the Imperial Valley, which is verifiably the most dynamic for swarms in Southern California, are little and have no effect on San Diego, Los Angeles or San Francisco. 

“As it were, there is no logical motivation to foresee a major shudder in another area today,” she said. 

None of the shakes happened anyplace close to the San Andreas issue however rather in the Brawley Seismic Zone, a typical wellspring of multitudes, she clarified.

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