Few Answers, Many Lies, and a Fly: The 2020 Vice Presidential Debate


One week after what was arguably the worst and most chaotic presidential debate in history, the two Vice President nominees took to the debate stage in Kingsbury Hall, Salt Lake City. Normally the Vice Presidential debates are considered not as important as the presidential debates, and it is usually moderate/swing voters that watch it in hopes that it can help them make their decision on who to vote for. But this year it was different, and many people watched the debate; many to see what the new debates rules would be, and if they would work, as well as to hopefully get an idea of what the Biden/Harris agenda would be if elected, as we didn’t get to hear their side in the Presidential Debate that the President bulldozed. 

This debate ended up being very different from what we saw between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The first difference that stood out was that this debate was actually civil, unlike the presidential debate where Donald Trump was trying to interrupt and distract Biden like a kid on the golf course blowing an air horn right as Tiger Woods is about to hit the ball. However, there were a couple moments where both candidates, but more so with Vice President Pence, did begin to go over their two minutes to answer the questions and respond to each other’s statements. Fortunately when that happened, moderator Susan Page of USA Today was able to end it quickly and kept her cool, as well as her command in this debate. 

One highlight moment came when Vice President Pence interrupted VP nominee Kamala Harris in the very first segment; he actually interrupted several times, and boy was that a mistake. Senator Harris immediately fired back, saying, “Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking.” Ouch! The “Momala” came out of Senator Harris, and not only did it silence the Vice President, but it also was humiliating for him. 

But there was humiliation on both sides, as both candidates oftentimes didn’t answer the questions, and instead talked about something they likely wished the moderator had brought up. Those were funny moments that were kind of like when you buy your kid a birthday gift that ended up not being what they wanted, so after they open it and put it to the side they start to talk to you about another item, like a set of airpods, which is the kid’s way of hinting that that was what they actually wanted for their birthday.

What was really the “seriously dude?” moments were that the few times the candidates did answer the questions, they made false statements and claims. Here were a few lies told by Mike Pence:

  1. Mike Pence claims that their administration always tells the truth. The President alone has made 20,055+ (and counting) false or misleading statements. 
  2. Mike Pence said that the Trump/Pence administration has and will follow the science. Not true. 
  3. Pence claimed when the COVID-19 crisis began, that their administration shut down all travel from China. That’s false; It was just a partial travel restriction which exempted U.S. citizens and permanent residents, and tens of thousands still kept traveling from China to the U.S.
  • Claimed that China “travel bans” were very effective in combating coronavirus: they weren’t.

Now this Trump 1st term by the numbers:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX-DdOUlcqs&ab_channel=NowThisNews

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