Rising Tensions Between India and China


The idea of World War 3 has always seemed like something that would never actually happen. With the massive decrease of conflicts around the world in the past couple of centuries, it just doesn’t seem likely. However, recent events in Asia have sparked worry. China and India; the world’s two most populated countries have extremely high tensions over, of course, territory.

Territorial disputes between the two countries are not uncommon. In 1962, there was a conflict between them in which India suffered a humiliating defeat. China and India share a huge border and have overlapping territories. Due to this, China has recently intruded into Indian territory and a standoff occurred, stunning the world. 

The standoff started in Ladakh where according to Birmingham University, “130 Indian troops facing down 230 Chinese troops.” The standoff continued to grow in numbers and increased during an important meeting between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping in which they “did nothing to relieve the tension, which is still high: around 1,000 soldiers from each side have now been stationed in Ladakh and the dispute is playing out through the seemingly endless rushed tit-for-tat construction of military huts and roads.”

Although border disputes have occurred tons of times. In fact, Birmingham University states that “334 “encroachments” have already happened in 2014 (with 411, 426, and 213 incidents in 2013, 2012, and 2011, respectively).” However, none of these disputes have escalated to this level. With both sides pushing blame on each other, tensions will most likely continue to rise despite the fact that none of the two countries have any interest in conflict as it would propose no gain. Not to mention, both countries have been severely affected and damaged by the novel coronavirus.

With everything happening in 2020, we do not need a global conflict. As neither side would experience gain from conflict, one can only hope that the Prime Minister of India and the President of China meet again resolving this seemingly childish standoff between the two of them over fractions of territory. One proposition could be a new territorial divide agreed upon both countries, helping bring down the number of encroachments onto forbidden territory.

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