Best Places for Autumn Vacation During the Pandemic


This year has been tough for most people in America. A pandemic, protests, and now, a crazy election to put the cherry on top. Most countries while praising American passports turned them away when America went into lockdown. People couldn’t take time to relieve from themselves the crazy, stressed-packed ride that is 2020. Now, as Autumn approaches and countries start to open up their doors again, people want to take this chance to relax and see nature after being cooped inside their homes for so long. That being said, here are few beautiful vacationing spots to relax and unwind during the pandemic this season.

  1. Hawaii

This upcoming fall presents a great opportunity to experience the tropical paradise without the crowds! Hawaii is one of the few states to enforce the 14-day quarantine rule, keeping most of the tourists away. The weather in September through November is gorgeous, with clear blue skies and the same weather all year round.

A private villa is an ideal place to wait out the quarantine, with your own kitchen, pool, and extraordinary tropical views. 

All individuals must follow the 14-day quarantine upon arrival, though a negative test result within 72 hours upon arrival could replace the quarantine. 

  1. Croatia and Montenegro

Two of the very few European countries accepting American passports, Croatia and it’s tiny southern island neighbor Montenegro share a gorgeous view of the Adriatic sea, incredible beaches, historical towns, and excellent hiking trails.

A great place to stay would be a tiny former fishing village in the Aman Sveti Stefan peninsula on Montenegro. The tiny red roofed houses have each been converted into hotel rooms or shared spaces. The village also contains a restored church as well as pools, a taverna, enoteca, pizzeria, bakery, and antipasti bar. 

International arrivals to Croatia must have a negative test for Covid-19 in 48 hours upon arrival while in Montenegro, visitors must present a negative test in 72 hours upon arrival.

  1. Alaska

Revisiting American territory, Alaska is it’s most dramatic in Autumn. The leaves on trees change colors to make wonderful scenery, the tundra turns into a russet brown, and the Northern Lights dance across the skies. 

Wild-Life viewing is great this time of year as well, since it’s migration season for a diverse group of fauna including Caribou, Beluga and Gray Whales and many species of birds including Cranes. 

A great place to stay would be the Sheldon Chalet, only accessible by helicopter. A five bedroom retreat in the mountains of Denali National Park, it’s panoramic windows provide a stunning view. No wifi means no distractions, as activities like glacier trekking, crevasse exploring, mountain climbing, and snow-cavern spelunking are available. Visitors must show a negative test of Covid-19 taken within 72 hours of the trip’s departure.

  1. The Maldives

Though most of the rainy season extends through October, that shouldn’t stop you from visiting this cluster of more than a thousand tiny islands off the southern tip of India. Fleeting storms in the Maldives pass quite quickly, and create optimal conditions for surfing. Both air and water temperatures hover at an idyllic 80 degrees. The Maldives are one of the only destinations in India open to American passports. 

Only resorts on private islands can host guests for the time being. 

Snorkeling in the nearby reefs feels like The Little Mermaid comes to life! Visitors must have a negative test of Covid-19 72 hours prior to departure.

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