Should P.E be a Requirement in Schools


Should P.E be mandated? Yes kids need to know the importance of physical health, but is that going to be the cost of their mental health? The intended purpose of P.E is the hope that this knowledge will accompany the children as they grow older and thus society in general will benefit greatly. Our society is becoming unhealthier every year because of students’ lack of exercise. Obesity has become the most significant and alarming health concern in developed nations. “It has actually overtaken this unfortunate “title” from smoking”. (

Analyzing data out of the state’s Texas Fitness Now program—a $37 million endeavor to improve middle schooler’s fitness, academic achievement, and behavior by requiring them to participate in P.E. every day; the researchers concluded that the daily mandate didn’t have any positive impact on kids’ health or educational outcome.(Alla Wong)

Physical Education has actually been proven to have no effect on your physical health. Although P.E has taken a toll on children’s mental health. For starters, the locker rooms. A lot of students are embarrassed to change infront of their peers, and who can blame them? Students are constantly shamed by being told to stand on the scale and read their weight. 

Did you know that students are more likely to be bullied in middle school than at any other point in their academic careers, and P.E. presents a particularly ripe opportunity for abuse, whether because the class forces them to use a locker room, where adult supervision is limited, or because it facilitates the teasing of overweight or unathletic kids.(Alla Wong)

P.E is more shameful than productive. Yes some students like P.E, so why not make it an elective, not a requirement? Because for some kids, going to P.E is the worst part of their day(and that’s not because they have to exercise).

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