How Soft Drink Businesses Are Keeping Afloat During Quarantine


    The soft drink industry has skyrocketed in popularity the past few years, soft drinks becoming a drink staple to accompany any take out or homemade meal. The big businesses such as Sprite, Fanta, Pepsi, and Coca-Cola have all been doing extremely well in the 2010’s; but now, with quarantine in place, how are they going to keep that popularity afloat? 

        According to, “Volume sales are expected to continue declining,” she said. “Value sales will continue to grow, but will slow slightly each year over the next five years. The unhealthy perception of carbonates will only accelerate among consumers, leading to falling consumption rates.” Stockpiling in the quarantine had driven up the profit in the earlier months of 2020, but since people perceive soft drinks as unhealthy, the amount of consumption will most likely plummet as people strive to stay healthy as they shelter in place.

     A prime example of these sales plummeting is Coca-Cola, where India enforcing a ban made the company lose 20% of their funds, according to Britney, What’s coming up for soft drinks in 2020?). This percentage is worrisome, but hopefully it will be back on the rise soon.

        So what do we do as we watch these quarantine months go by as well as wonder about our favorite soft drinks? Be patient and positive that the quarantine will end soon, and things will surely work out for the best, both for us and businesses alike. 

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