These Unpopular Foods Are Actually Really Tasty. Here’s Why


 Every category under the sun has things that warrant guilty pleasure status. Food is no different. There are some foods that people commonly agree are “gross”, thus if some people genuinely enjoy them, then they are a guilty pleasure. 

  But sometimes, it seems that there are foods that can get unnecessary vitriol. And it seems that if people understood what their good qualities were, they would be on the menu more often than they are. Here are some genuinely delicious foods, in my opinion of course, that Americans shouldn’t probably write off so much. 


   One of my favorite things about some of my uncles coming to town was that I would probably soon be chowing down on some liver, because they would cook it for me whenever I asked. Many people think that liver is disgusting. I actually think it’s good because its tenderness usually puts me in a satisfying mood and it’s enjoyable to chew on, honestly. The beef flavor (I eat beef liver) did in fact help with liver stealing my heart when I ate it for the first time some years ago. No, I didn’t turn my back on it and it wasn’t something that I was repulsed by. It’s especially delicious when you throw hot sauce all over it. It works wonders and you’ll truly feel like the man or you’re in heaven when you eat it this way. Once I learn the recipe for this tasty dish, it’s game over! 

Pig Feet 

  Boy, do I remember trying this when I was nine years old. I’ll go ahead and warn you that it has a sticky surface that’ll probably make your napkins stick to your fingers, and it can be unbearable. But, what makes pig feet good and why you should try it anyway, is the fat layers that live inside of it. It’s something that is indeed very pleasant, and it’s very chewy. So there’s that. Just like liver, it can be especially tasty when hot sauce gets involved. Even though I’ve tried this and I live in the West, there aren’t many restaurants or food joints that serve pig feet, to be honest. Your best bet of having this dish served to you is traveling to the South whenever this pandemic is over. Southerners love to eat this more frequently than Northerners and people who live out here in the West, so it’s safe to assume that it’s served in their restaurants. 


  This is also another dish that I tried when I was about nine years old. It tasted like fish and was baked in the oven. What makes alligator so good is that it definitely has a nice quality with its mixture between sliceable meat and heavenly seafood. Its saltiness, especially, is what won me over by the time I was finished eating. This is another dish that will gain an extra specialness to it when eaten with hot sauce. I’m glad I didn’t pass on this because it did leave me satisfied with my meal and I’m dying for the time I get to eat this again. 


  There’s many people out there who don’t like spinach because they perceive it to be very bland and tasteless. But, with the right ingredients and seasoning, spinach can truly be muy delicioso, as they say. A form of spinach that I’ve absolutely loved my whole life, has been collard greens. Collard greens are a soul food staple and a must-have for Sunday Dinners. Mustard greens are great, as well. It’s basically the same concept as collard greens, but with a different flavor and the leaves are different. So, it leaves me to say this. Yes, spinach leaves a lot to be desired when it’s raw. But, there are so many things you can turn it into and flavors you can add into it, that there’s no excuse. Spinach has this versatility that helps you adjust it according to your preference. 


   Bear with me, here. The smell of salmon alone, will definitely leave me hungry to eat some. I understand why some people may not like this, as it can have a sour flavor depending on whose taste buds it lands on. But, in my opinion, the sourness plays a part in its authenticness. The reason why salmon can be seen as unique from trying other different types of fish, is because of its unique flavor, and all that you’re allowed to get away with putting on it. Although if you try putting ketchup on it, it’ll still taste good. The sauce that works the best when eating salmon is green sauce or herb sauce, as it’s actually called. That’s what’s most frequently served with salmon, anyway. And that is what’s most perfect for it. 


    Alright, I’ll admit it. I’ve never tried chitlins before. But honestly, when I was about twelve, it was being served at a family Thanksgiving dinner I was at. I remember wanting to try some, but for some odd reason, I didn’t ask. But, what I will say is, even though I’ve never tried it before, I just have this gut feeling that it will be good because honestly, all meat is good. I know that it’s basically seen as unethical at this point to like to eat meat because of the vegan movement, but I seriously love all types of meat, with the exception of steak and porkchop. When it comes to anything else, serve it to me all day long. And I hear that this is yet another dish that will taste extra special when some hot sauce is added in the equation. And just look at that picture! From the looks of it, that is the chitlin juice residing at the bottom of the food (all foods’ side juice is good), and then, it also looks like there’s some green bell peppers mixed in with the actual chitlins. Chitlins really do sound appealing, in my hungry opinion, despite the fact that they come from… a certain pig part. What I will say about this is, I cannot wait until I get to try this dish! 

Until next time, 

Aaliyah Mnnieweather 

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