Biden’s Climate Plan


As most people know, the Presidential Election is on Tuesday, November 3rd. One of the Presidential candidates, Joe Biden, has shared many of his policies if he were to become president, Including the Clean Energy Revolution in which climate change would be tackled. Only four previous presidents have even glanced at climate change. Theodore Roosevelt’s top priority was safeguarding America’s natural resources. Richard Nixon celebrated the first ever Earth day in America during his second term as president. Jimmy Carter was determined to embrace renewable energy. Barack Obama was known as Climate Change President because of his expansion of the Pacific Remote Island Marine National Monument, otherwise known as the largest marine reserve in the world. Joe Biden isn’t the first presidential candidate to care about climate change, but how’s he going to put this plan in action? 

To understand his course of action, we must first understand what the Green New Deal is frameworking. The plan over the course of a four year period that will tackle fossil fuel emissions, escalate clean energy usage in transportation, electricity and buildings, and according to the The New York Times “..part of a suite of sweeping proposals designed to create economic opportunities and strengthen infrastructure while also tackling climate change.” So far his expensive plan has drawn criticism from republicans who don’t necessarily agree with doing a lot for climate change, in a study done on republicans. 39% said the government is doing a fine job with handling climate change and shouldn’t do it differently, of that same study 90% of democrats think the government isn’t doing enough. This plan was also targeted towards President Donald J. Trump who has promised to deliver a better infrastructure for America but hasn’t held up his end. Biden even had the courage to say, “He’s never delivered. Never really even tried. Well, I know how to get it done.” about President Trump in an interview. And in respect to President Trump, his supporters made the Green New Deal sound like a threat to the economy and jobs, when in reality, the money would come from donors. Joe Biden hasn’t kept it a secret that he works closely with Bernie Sanders, former presidential candidate, as he is using the Green New Deal, Bernie Sanders idea, as the foundation for his new Clean Energy Revolution plan.

Joe Biden’s plan would be effective by 2035, unlike the GND* which would be effective in 10 years. His overall goal is to have zero emissions by 2050 to help save the planet. Biden also agreed that his plan was similar to the GND* but there are differences according to Facts First article “Biden’s plan does not include many of the social welfare proposals as the GND.” For example, Biden’s plan does not offer jobs for every American with family and medical care nor paid vacations. Although Biden’s plan has less appealing attributes it would only cost two trillion dollars unlike the GND* ,which would cause ninety-three trillion dollars in the first ten years. Bidens plan entails upgrading four million buildings and weatherizing two million homes, therefore increasing the energy efficiency of the United States. Due to the cutbacks Biden made towards the GND(*) to shape his own plan, the Trump supporters have declared it is a way to threaten American jobs, as stated in the previous paragraph.

President Trump has not kept his dislike of Vice President Biden’s plan a secret, but that hasn’t stopped Biden from continuing to advertise his plan and policies to the American people. So far he has called out young activists to vote for him in order to keep the planet clean. Biden even said, “I see you. I hear you. I understand the urgency, and together we can get this done,” because he wants to produce clean renewable energy. Even though Biden called out younger people, The youth-led Sunrise Movement gave him and his plan an “F” rating because it lacked detail. Instead of letting that derail him and try to start something new, he started to work more in detail and have a more thorough plan. Biden’s plan continues to get compared to Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren, and their plans were much more in detail and very costly. Biden isn’t stopping his climate change plan. 

Vice president and presidential candidate Joe Biden has put his policies out into the country. So far, he has gotten a lot of backlash from the Republican and Trump Administrations, but he hasn’t let it affect him. So, Biden will continue wearing, as President Trump said, “The biggest mask I’ve ever seen,” and plow through his plans with newscasters and with the American people. The Green New Deal is a different and less effective plan from Biden’s Clean Energy Revolution. 

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