11 year old boy steals bus for a joyride


On Sunday, October 12, Louisiana police officers arrested an 11 year old boy for stealing a school bus and taking it for a joyride in Baton Rouge. According to Baton Rouge Police spokesman L’Jean McKneely Jr., the boy led officers on a 45 minute chase that went from Scotlandville to Central before crashing into a tree. The bus was originally thought to be stolen from a preschool, but it was later discovered that it was actually stolen from a private property 2 miles away from the school. 

The bus’ owner was known to contract with the Progress Head Start preschool, but died, and the bus was left unlocked on his property. The bus had a push to start button, so the child was able to operate it with no keys. McKneely stated that the child was so small that he had to stand to reach the pedals, and that he was flipping off officers out the window while he was being chased. 

Officers tried to use spike strips to stop the bus, but the boy was able to drive around them, and according to Mckneely,more than 10 officers were involved in the chase. The boy was left perfectly fine, and surprisingly only one person was injured, but his minor injuries were treated. Once the boy crashed, police reported that he complied to all of their commands to come out of the bus and answered all the questions that they asked him. 

The boy has been charged with theft of a vehicle, aggravated flight, three counts of damage to property, and one count of aggravated assault. He was cuffed outside the bus and taken to be booked in a juvenile detention center, but his name has not been released due to him being a minor.  

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