NASA 4G Towers on the Moon


Recently, 5G has been released as the new and best cellular data plan available, but something even crazier is about to be built. NASA is currently teaming up with Nokia to develop something amazing. The two companies plan to make a 4G cellular network on the Moon. 

NASA has a goal to build a lunar base that could eventually hold humans on the Moon by 2028. To achieve this goal, NASA gave 370 million dollars to technology companies to develop software and devices to make this achievable. Along with 4G NASA plans to have things such as cryogenic freezing, remote power generation, robotics, and safer landing put on the moon. 

NASA also plans to eventually upgrade the cellular on the moon to 5G.  Out of the 370 million dollars, Nokia was given 14.1 million to accomplish this feat. John Oliver even stated how the data would work better on the Moon as there are no buildings and trees to interfere with the signal.

The plan to set up the power supply for the towers is based on the creation of the small power cells created by Blue Labs which would replace the hefty generators we use for the towers on Earth. The towers would also have to be much stronger on the moon to withstand radiation, extreme winds, and extreme temperature. They would also have to be able to hold up against the ground shake that will be produced when a rocket lands or launches.

In general, NASA has huge plans for the Moon and this shows that they are extremely detailed as well. So detailed in fact that they plan to have a way for astronauts to post on Instagram even though they will most likely use the data towers for advanced communications instead. The future holds a lot of promise for space and maybe these towers will work better than AT&T does here.

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