Russell Wilson’s Incredible Season Start


Five games into the NFL Season, Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are one of the only undefeated teams in the NFL. They sit atop the NFC West which is a huge accomplishment itself since this division is the toughest in the league. Through five games he has proved that age doesn’t define his ability to play since Wilson has the second highest point total at 585.8 in NFL history only behind the great Peyton Manning. This historic start has garnered many executives and fans to believe that Wilson will snatch the MVP crown from Mahomes especially because the 31-year old veteran has never had an MVP vote in his entire career.

His success this season isn’t just defined by wins. Wilson is currently leading the league in touchdowns at 19. The closest player to this is Tom Brady and Josh Allen at 14 touchdowns. His passing rating also leads the league for quarterbacks at 129.8. The most passing touchdowns in four games which was previously held by Peyton Manning was also tied by Wilson at 16 TD. That’s an average of 4 TD per game which is impressive to say the least. 

If stats really don’t appeal to you, Wilson has won two NFC offensive player of the year awards in week one and three. This was the first year Wilson won an offensive player of the week award and he’s done it twice already. He was also awarded with the most touchdown passes in three games at 14 TD. The first player to throw at least 4TD in three consecutive games is also owned by Wilson. Most of his touchdown passes were accumulated by deep passes. Coach Pete Carrol said in an interview, “Russell is just a master at it. I don’t think he’s any better at it than it used to be. He has always been great at it. This has just been a stat for him that he’s owned for years. Great awareness and sense and spatial savvy and all of that to create it, and then obviously the great physicals”. (Link)

These awards, records, and stats are although all temporary and may be broken at any time. It’s also not about how a player starts but how he finishes. So even if Wilson may be in the lead for the MVP race, he still has to maintain his amazing performance to win MVP because there are many talented players in the league. This start is although a statement made by Wilson to everyone counting him out of the top QB list since he has been there ever since and will continue too for a very long time.
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