The Iphone 12 is Almost Here!


One of the most popular phone brands across the world right now is known as “Apple”. Their first product was launched in 1976, and more improved products are still being made today! Everyone seems to want to get their hands on a new product (especially iPhones) when they’re first released. They come with many new modern day technologies and have become a big part of people’s entertainment. Now, in 2020, behold…the iphone 12 is coming out soon! 

The Iphone 12 launch date has been scheduled to October 13 of 2020. The Iphone will come in 4 different sizes and have 4 cameras! It’s said to be a smaller phone than the older products since it ranges from 5.4 in to 6.7 in and can range in price from $649 to $1,399. Multiple rumors have suggested that the iPhone 12 Pro models will come in a new navy blue finish says MacRumors. 

Although the Iphone 12 launch date is near, is it really worth it? This iphone is not only smaller, but will cost a good, big paycheck in order to get your hands on one. Some people may think smaller is better phone-wise, which can be controversial. If you’re the type of person to be on your phone a lot, a smaller phone might be bad for your eyes, but then again, small phones always fit better in pants and bags. Are these rumors true? Is the Iphone really worth it? We’ll just have to wait and see for ourselves. 

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