What’s happening to the Affordable Care Act?


The Affordable Care Act was signed into law by Barack Obama on March 23, 2010 and because President Obama enacted it, it was commonly referred to as Obamacare. The purpose of the Affordable Care Act was to make healthcare insurance affordable, hence the “Affordable Care” part. This act has brought over twenty million Americans healthcare as well as deduced the healthcare spending by two point three trillion dollars. Along with the social injustice in America’s systematic police intolerance and the #BLM protests have been occurring, the ACA* is very beneficial to small businesses because thirty-seven states have incorporated Medicaid as an acceptable insurance. Although Obamacare has had exponential success rates, current President, Donald J. Trump has made it his mission to trump the Affordable Care Act and replace it with Trumpcare. Trumpcare is not a beneficial insurance plan because he wants to raise the cost, but doing so would defeat the purpose of affordable health care. 

Since President Trump has been in office millions of Americans have lost health coverage which raised the uninsured number to 2.3 million just from 2016-2019, this includes 726,000 uninsured children. The states with the highest number of increased uninsured were, Texas (689,000) and Florida (240,000). But, it wasn’t just the larger states being affected by Trump’s lack of affordable care.Smaller states such as Michigan and Wisconsin have increased by “..tens of thousands..” . Out of the 50 states, only 10 improved with the number of uninsured, that means ⅘ of the states didn’t improve but got worse. And with that, Trump is trying to take away Obamacare all together. To make matters worse, the Center for American Progress predicted that if Trump did not sabotage the healthcare people already had, 1.26 million more people would be covered through marketplace plans in the states “that rely on the federal HealthCare.gov platform”.  Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act would have helped so many people if President Trump wasn’t obsessed with putting his name on everything, i.e. his buildings and the healthcare plan for all around America. 

If you do a quick Google search for healthcare you will undoubtedly find Trumpcare as a liable option, it only costs $59 dollars a month, but there is a catch! It doesn’t exist and what’s being advertised is the “bare bone” of a coverage plan. Trumpcare is a way for insurance brokers to appear as a cheap and easy plan that gets people good coverage, but a family “who recently bought a short-term plan through Health Insurance Innovations, a platform that has used fraudulent brokers, was on the hook for more than $244,000 in medical bills even though they thought they were protected.This just proves the point further that Trump is using his “good healthcare plan” to charge people more than they thought they were being charged. His administration has refused to take ownership of the misleading advertisements by saying, “Could it lead to confusion? I don’t think it has.” With the pandemic we are currently struggling with, more and more people are losing health coverage because it’s unaffordable especially if they underwent some type of medical procedure. Obamacare is a much better option for people struggling with getting healthcare, if a serious situation happened and they needed to get to the hospital right away, without Obamacare, that would be a $500-$1,000 dollar ride.hAlthough, withObamacare, that ride to the hospital is covered. 

Obamacare has plenty of benefits such as, drugs cost less making them easily accessible for people who need them, including myself, this could provide a way for me to get my anti-depressants and not have them cost hundreds of dollars. Also, under Obamacare insurance companies can no longer turn down anyone for coverage because of a preexisting condition. Another important thing Obamacare does is allows children to stay on their parents insurance plan up until the age of 26 to let them get on their feet instead of rushing them out into a world they know nothing about and have nothing to fall back on. I’m not saying Obamacare doesn’t have flaws because it does.For example, due to the cut in prices of healthcare almost 3-5 million people lost their jobs in healthcare coverage professions. If Trump continues to trick people into buying expensive healthcare that has less coverage for them and their families more people are going to go without healthcare because of the prices. Obamacare has been around since 2010 and has continued to help people get affordable health coverage but if Trump takes that away and replaces it with Trumpcare, more and more people will not get coverage.

Healthcare coverage is especially important with Covid-19 spreading and people being hospitalized due to that fact. Obamacare also offers sex reassignment surgeries for transgender paitents, that doesn’t put them into unrelievable debt. Obamacare has the foot up on Trumpcare by being more accessible and not being a short term coverage plan. So, President Trump, needs to forget about putting his name onto something that will affect millions of people just because he doesn’t like how President Obama ran the country for his 8 year election period. Obamacare should stay and continue to help millions, and Trumpcare has got to go.

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