Why Are People Starting A small Business during a Pandemic…?


    Starting a small business during a world pandemic can be a difficult task. Starting any sort of business in general will be hard, but if you love what you do it could be worth it. Many people have started small businesses. Small businesses tend to remain local, but they can grow and support people all over the US. Starting a business is normal, but why are so many people starting them during a pandemic?

     During this pandemic,  people have lost their jobs, and the working environment has changed. Many people are relying on friends to help support them and their families. During this time, people are also facing lots of uncertainties. This has been an unfamiliar experience for many Americans, and that has brought lots of challenges. Sources of income have been one of those challenges, and a solution could be starting a small business. People may also choose to start a small business because they have a passion for something that they love.

           Starting a small business during a pandemic basis pros and cons. Some pros could be during this time many people are reaching out to support others. Donating is always something people should try their best to do, but during this time we are all reminded to try a little bit harder if we are capable of doing so. Another pro is that so many people are staying at home therefore many people have lots of time to plan out their ideas. Starting a small business entails days that you ship, days that you package your orders, finding time to create what you are selling, etc. There’s so much that goes into planning a small business. Some cons could be that many people are facing challenges working during unknown times, and therefore it is difficult to support. Another con could be that during this time shipping and delivery services are facing delays, which can lead to a difficulty in supplying your products.

      Although starting a business during this time is hard as we all know, if it’s something that you’re passionate about, you can do it! Some small business ideas include selling makeup products like lip gloss. Creating clothing like T-shirts and sweatshirts. Using your talents, like creativity to create candles too! A very popular business regardless of the circumstances that the world is in, is she designing. It is very popular for people to take shoes like air forces and use their creative talents to paint them and customize them.

     One topic that surfaces in many small business creators’ minds is, why do people trust large companies more than local small businesses? The answer to that question may vary, but having a larger support system can be more convincing to unfamiliar purchasers. Not many people are willing to take a chance, and try something for the first time. Most large companies are trusted by many people and are familiar, which makes them a little bit different than small businesses. Small businesses require a lot of trust, and sometimes it can be a risk if you don’t know who you’re buying from. It doesn’t hurt to support small businesses, and if you experience or receive something you don’t like, it’s okay to message the seller, and tell them how you feel! During this time, feedback is super necessary, and it is a crucial factor in helping businesses succeed, especially small businesses. Here in Benicia, many people have small businesses, especially because the city is so small. So if you come across a small business, don’t be hesitant to check it out, because you never know unless you try it!

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