AOC Plays Trending Game ‘Among Us’!


As many have heard, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as AOC, played Among Us! AOC is an American Politician serving as the U.S representative for New York’s 14’th congressional district. She is committed to serving working-class people over corporate interests and advocating for social, racial, economical, and environmental justice. Not to mention AOC is the youngest-ever elected Congresswoman which would explain why she is always caught up with the trends, like Among Us!

Among us is an animated murder mystery where you can play with 4-10  players either online or with people you know. When the game starts, you are either a crewmate or an impostor. It is selected randomly and the object of the game, if you are an impostor, the goal  is to kill all crewmates before their tasks get finished. You try to kill people without getting caught. If you are a crewmate, your job is to find out who the impostor is before you die and to also finish your tasks. Those are the only ways to win the game. You can call emergency meetings if you notice someone faking a task. Depending on the task, it can be easy or hard to tell if they are faking it or not. Impostors can do things such as sabotage the ship, kill people, and go through vents. It is hard to tell who the impostor is because they look just like everyone else! This makes it more difficult to find out who the impostor is which makes the game more fun!

On October 20th, AOC streamed herself playing Among Us on an app called Twitch. AOC garnered a staggering audience of 439,000 viewers. To put this in perspective, the record for a Twitch stream is about 628,000 concurrent viewers. Another way to see it is, when Trump and Biden stream on Twitch for campaign events, total views peak at around 6,000 and 17,000 viewers. 

Now you may be asking yourself, “Why is this so important?”, well the simple answer is, it’s not everyday you see someone apart of Congress playing a popular game meant for the younger generation! Also because it was her first time! Whenever it is someone’s first time doing something, especially a video game, it is fun to see their skills. Since AOC was the impostor on the first round it was fun watching her try to pull it off! Not everyone is perfect at something the first time they try, but as time progressed during AOC’s stream, you could see her improvement!

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