Do Acrylics Really Ruin Your Real Nails?


This generation is filled with beauty trends, but the most popular of all seems to point to acrylic nails. People spend a good amount of money on these artificial nails, and it seems to be making bank for nail salons since they now have many customers. Everyone wants to spoil themselves sometimes; you know, get a little pretty, spend a little, and come out better than before, but what are the risks of these pretty things we put on our nails? Does it affect us negatively in any way?

Acrylic nails are pretty, but are also known for some gruesome injuries when broken/not taken care of properly. They can cause infections, real nail loss, and a LOT of blood. Acrylic nails are a bigger responsibility than they may seem to be-there’s things you can and can’t do, and things you need to be cautious about. “ If your artificial nail is damaged or if you let your nails grow too long, a gap can develop between your acrylic and your actual nail”, says Dr.Gibson, who is a dermatologist. Removal of nails sometimes (even if it’s safe) can still hurt if you have sensitive hands/skin. This is because a layer of your nail is coming off with the fake nail that was attached to your real one, which can cause your nail to be very soft and sensitive. The layer is so thin that everything it touches could sting or feel like a thousand needles jabbing your nails; it’ll also feel weird for a while since you were adjusted to living the “long nail life”. 

Even with those negatives,there’s also positives of acrylic nails too if you ask me: the beauty, the experience, the art.  If everything is done correctly, there seems to be no evidence that it ruins your nails. “As a matter of fact you can take a piece of fingernail and put it in acrylic nail solution for years and when it comes out it will be exactly the same as it was when it went in,” says Zastoupil, a licensed nail tech. If precautions are taken as told and no nails are damaged or broken, then you’re good to go-the only reason why a lot of people have painful experiences is because they weren’t careful. These acrylics are strong, but could break under pressure, and sometimes easily, too. Therefore, acrylics aren’t bad for you if you know how to take care of them right, but try not to get them for too long at a time. Let your nails breathe sometimes.  

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