The Amazing Uses Of TikTok


How TikTok Became The Music Industry's New Fame Machine - Rolling Stone

The app TikTok is known for being a versatile app that serves multiple purposes. The app was formerly known to be most common amongst teenagers, but now is used by adults, teens, kids, families, and celebrities. TikTok is also known for providing rising influencers with a larger platform. TikTok is so useful because it provides short videos for entertainment, weight loss and gain tips, cooking videos, instructional videos, and so much more. 

The entertainment portion of TikTok is “controlled” by a wide variety of people. This genre of TikTok covers short dances, created by different creators, that have since gone viral. Different influencers like Addison Rae, and Charli D’amelio are some of the most popular influencers in this area. The dancing audience is usually teenagers and young children. 

Another area of TikTok is the health portion. Many dietitians and doctors have hopped on the TikTok wave, and have developed a platform on the app. Some people like dentists have used the app to make short videos saying what you should or shouldn’t eat to get white teeth, and other creators who make videos to advertise their diet programs and influence people to eat healthy. Some people who have faced challenges like different eating disorders, have also joined the app and are helping people to overcome their challenges. 

 Another aspect of TikTok is the food portion. Different people like Gordon Ramsey are using the app to teach people how to cook. There are videos on making delicious Halloween desserts, or even teaching people how to cook chicken! Food TikTok is really nice because people have the opportunity to give tips in the comments, and help people who want to try new recipes. 

On top of all mentioned above, there is also instructional TikTok. Different people, especially dads have used the app to create accounts giving “dad advice”. Some creators have used the app to teach people how to change a tire, or how to fix a grill. There are even teachers who give instructions on how to ace certain AP test, or how to score well on the SAT. 

Ultimately, there is so much on TikTok, and it is an amazing way to learn new things. The way that the app was created is so cool because you can save certain videos that you find useful, or want to reference again, and you can find your favorite creators on even more platforms than just TikTok. If you don’t have TikTok, you may want to look into it, because you never know what you might find and learn!

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