Have You Heard Of This Influencer?


    Instagram is overflowing with businesspeople, models, “IG” models (people who use Instagram as their main source of distributing their photos and get paid to do so), and people who constantly share their lives and have a following and also get paid. All of these people are dubbed ‘influencers’. 

   And it’s not like the dubbing is unwarranted or misplaced. They are called ‘influencers’ because they’ve pretty much socially influenced our current culture in these times. People try to copy the beauty trends that they’ve set, people are starting their own businesses left and right, and people are creating their own YouTube channels and they share their vlogs via YouTube and Instagram. Celebrities can count as influencers as well.

  All influencers have different personalities. Some are more faulty than others. And then, of course, there are those sweetly genuine, and sometimes annoying, ones who make you happy and curious whenever they share their content with you. 

  An influencer who goes by ‘JaylaBrenae’ counts as one of the passionate, corny-but-sweet, and genuine ones that we have on Instagram. Here’s why you should check her out in your free time. 

Who is she?

   Jayla B. Henry was born on April 27, 1995 and is 25 years old as of today. She has a twin sister, Christian parents, a husband, and two children; a son and a daughter by the names of Braylon and Nylah Henry. She and her husband are also Christians. In her videos, pictures, and IG stories, she seems to have an energetic personality and is very happy. She is constantly smiling and laughing, usually with her children and husband. She admittedly has a lisp and isn’t shy or ashamed of it. Jayla is an ‘influencer’ because she gets paid to share her life and family, her skincare routines, tips on how to take care of babies, and to promote certain brands. And she can also be considered to be a go-getter, as she was the one who walked up to a total stranger and exclaimed, “You’re going to be my husband one day!” (more on that story up next). 

Her Marriage

Jayla’s husband’s name is Tony Henry. He is around the same age as his wife, and appears to love her very much. They truly enjoy spending their time together, and according to Jayla, always work to evaluate and elevate their marriage in order to see its continuity. According to Jayla, she and Tony met in late October 2017, when she walked up to him and told him, “You’re going to be my husband.” From there, they began to talk more, and about four months after they met with that encounter, they found out they were pregnant. About two months after that, they got engaged to each other. And three days after that, they were married. Their son, Braylon, came along on October 23, 2018. Jayla sometimes retells this story in her captions on a number of her posts on her different platforms. She has an entire story ‘highlight’ dedicated to her marriage on her Instagram. More of their story and their second year together can be read about on here:https://www.legit.ng/1331315-woman-proposed-stranger-celebrates-anniversary-2-years-later.html

Her Family 

   Jayla and her husband have two kids together named Braylon and Nyla. Braylon was born on October 23, 2018 and Nylah, on August 9, 2020. Braylon has been turned into a meme several times because of his cuteness and funny moments that his mom posts on the Internet. Nylah has just been born so she has some time to catch up. Jayla enjoys spending so much time with her kids and they are just as beloved by her fans as she is. They all help to represent the perfect family unit and they take some of the most adorable family photos. Braylon always shows so much personality in the photos and videos and he’s a joy to watch. 

Her Content 

Jayla Brenae has an Instagram, a Twitter, a Tik Tok, and a YouTube channel. On these platforms, she frequently posts activities she does alongside her family; also funny moments, hanging out with her parents, montages with her husband, her brand deals, and telling us more about herself along the way. Seriously, her observations about herself and how she’s come along are so introspective and lengthy. Instances of funny moments could be when Braylon went in the bathroom and pulled out several entire rolls of tissue or when she was annoyed with her husband a couple of years ago because he baked some cookies with hard edges. Her parents are also fun to watch. They absolutely adore their grandchildren and play with them frequently. There was even a viral video of her father and Braylon in Target; the father was playfully scolding Braylon for throwing a football and Braylon responded by throwing the football in the shopping basket repeatedly and laughing boisterously. Jayla does sort of have a habit of recycling her content a lot, but I just always assumed that she always does this whenever she gets legions of new followers. Her birth videos are always good to watch as well. 

Check her out! 

Instagram- @jaylabrenae 

Twitter- Mama Jay @jaylabrenae 

Tik Tok- @jaylabrenae5 

YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/jaylabrenae

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