How Miami Dolphins Decision to Bench Fitzpatrick Broke Him?


Ryan Fitzpatrick was coming off an amazing six game stretch with the Dolphins, leading them to 3-3 in a tough AFC East division when he finally learned that he was going to be demoted as QB2. Rookie Tua, the fifth pick in this year’s draft suffered a hip injury during college which was why Fitzpatrick started half the season. He was informed before the season that it was temporarily and that he would have to step down at some point in the season. This wasn’t new to him since he was benched multiple times in his 16 year career as he played with 8 teams and was benched by most of them but he claimed it was a different feeling for him since he said, “I’ve been fully committed and invested (in the team). I felt like it was my team. (Link)” He also pondered saying “Is this it? Was that my last game in the NFL, being a starter? (Link)” 

When coach Flores was asked about the decision he stated, “Fitz has done a great job. He has been productive. His leadership has been great. But we felt like for the team now, moving forward, this is a move we need to make. (Link)” The news about this change had although been leaked by anonymous reports which was how the rest of the team found out. Flores expressed his disbelief saying, “The one thing in this situation that’s unfortunate is that I didn’t get a chance to address the team before this was out in the media. It’s not the way I or we want to do business. Unfortunately, it’s kind of the way of the world right now. (Link)” He also added, “Fitz has been great for the last year and a half. I don’t know if there has been anybody more instrumental in trying to instill the culture that we’re looking for. He has made an impact on Tua and a lot of other players on this team. I have a great respect for him, and that made this decision very tough. (Link)”

Fitzpatrick in six games threw for 1535 yards with 10 touchdowns and a passing rating of 95. He also averaged 7.8 yards per attempt which is well above most quarterbacks in the league. He although recorded 7 interceptions which is tied for the second most interceptions this year and his turnover issue was a big problem. However, this issue didn’t stop Fitzpatrick and he continued to lead the Dolphins to one of the best six game stretches the franchise had in a long time. 

Fitzpatrick is an amazing and humble player and hopefully he has another chance to make a comeback in the NFL.

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