Do LED Lights Really Ruin your Eyes?


A Guide on How to Buy LED Strip Lights |

LED lights: astronomical lights with many different colors and speeds that almost everyone wants. LED lights have recently become really popular amongst teens to decorate their rooms. They make your selfies and videos look great but also provide great vibes for relaxation. You can lay down and watch as the lights change in the speed you chose or if you’re the one color type of person, you can enjoy your room in another color! Although these lights are really pretty, are they really good for your eyes?

It seems as though led lights can harm your eyes,”It is true that exposure to light in the evening affects sleep and circadian rhythms mostly by inhibiting the synthesis of the sleep promoting hormone melatonin,” says Tosini. According to Tosini of CNN News, these LED lights can create an effect on your sleep if you happen to sleep with led lights on.  “The blue light in LED lighting that is increasingly used in our homes can damage the eye’s retina while disturbing our biological and sleep rhythms..” says a French health authority. Not only do these lights affect your sleep, but they can also harm your retina in a way (specifically the blue light). Your brain confuses the blue light for light photoreceptors which causes effects in your sleep. 

Sadly, these pretty colors do damage us in a way, especially your eyes. I’m not saying the LED lights are always dangerous, just as long as they’re not excessively used. As long as you don’t sleep with them on, look directly at them (specifically the blue light), or turn it on a flashing mode, you’ll be okay! Do you have LED lights? 

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