Popular TV Shows Ranked Top 5 In Quarantine


During quarantine, many people are trying to escape from the horrors of 2020. Social media, video games, and many other types of entertainment on the internet have all given a respite, however brief, from the hardships and stress that people have faced this year. One of these forms of entertainment, films, whether they are one shot movies or a television show series, (television series being the most popular) are the most prevalent in the entertainment industry from the start of the shelter-in-place, offering an outlet to binge some interesting shows and maybe spark some thought in our lives as well. So today we’re looking at the top 5 shows people have watched during quarantine. 

Now, these shows watched during 2020 are surprisingly diverse. We have old animated classics such as Spongebob Squarepants and Avatar the Last Airbender, Superhero shows like the Flash and anime like My Hero Academia, and even a sci fi show like the Walking Dead.

1.Spongebob Squarepants

According to observer.com, the first on the list is the old show Spongebob, “Practically everyone in the U.S. has heard of the show, but in case you for some reason have not watched it. It follows a sponge boy in an underwater world who with his companions Patrick Star and Squidward through a slew of shenanigans”. This show is popular right now due to the wackiness of the plot and the hilarity of its episodes.

2. ATLA (Avatar the Last AirBender) According to the Guardian, this is also “another big favorite of kids and adults alike today.” The story is about a world where there are 4 element benders (earth, air, water, fire) and the fire nation is trying to take over the world. People favorite this series due to its great story and likable cast of characters. 

3. My Hero Academia (or BNHA/MHA) According to Funimation.com, “A Japanese anime following a boy named Izuku Midoriya, who lives in a world where 80% of the world’s population have superpowers called “quirks”. It’s a must-see.” The characters and story plot is why the masses have deemed this show watch-worthy. 

4. The Flash: The classic DC story of a man hit by lightning who becomes the fastest man on earth. Not a personal fave, but it seems to be popular for a lot of folks. It’s nostalgic feel and good story provide a lovely escape into the world of superheroes. 

5. The Walking Dead: A show from 2010 about a world where zombies plague the living. I personally have not watched it, but according to the observer, it’s worth watching. The apocalyptic air relates to much of what people are experiencing now, and crowds of people find refuge in its exaggerated “what-if” situations. 

All of these shows are great ways to immerse yourself in the world of fiction, so I’d recommend you to watch any of them if you’re up to the challenge.

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