Another Catastrophic Typhoon in 2020


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Hurricane Eta quickly heightened Sunday night and Monday morning, turning into a Category 4 typhoon Monday evening as it keeps moving toward Nicaragua. Meteorologists at the National Hurricane Center in Miami predict Eta will keep increasing until it makes landfall in Nicaragua on Tuesday morning, likely as a Category 4. There’s even an opportunity it could move toward Category 5 quality. 

The Hurricane Center is warning families who live in the hurricane’s path of the danger of “cataclysmic wind damage” close to where the middle traverses the coast, alongside a “possibly disastrous and dangerous tempest flood” as high as 12 to 18 feet higher than average tide levels. Winds in the eyewall upon landfall could blow to about 150 mph. 

Starting at 4 p.m. Eastern time, Hurricane Eta was situated around 70 miles east-upper east of the Nicaragua-Honduras fringe, and was moving southwest at 9 mph. The estimated landfall area is close to Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, with exceedingly awful tempest flooding occurring toward the north. 

Tropical storm power winds expand outwards 25 miles from Eta’s middle, the most noticeably terrible conditions firmly twisted about Eta’s eye. Inland precipitation will be substantially more broad, nonetheless, with flooding a grave concern especially given Eta’s delayed forward speed. 

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