Halloween In Waters End


Halloween cookies

Halloween is an exciting holiday that many look forward to in Benicia. Before the Coronavirus broke through the United States, almost everyone was looking forward to Halloween because it was on a Saturday. For once, in such a long time, Halloween was not on a school night. Parties, trick or treating, sleepovers;  the events for Halloween were endless! Until the month of March, when the deadly disease began to spread, one holiday was “cancelled” after another. And as the month of october came near, many homes were anticipating what Halloween in Benicia would look like. Waters End, a neighborhood in Benicia, is one of the most popular spots to trick or treat at, but this Halloween looked much different. 

Many homes in Waters end decided to turn off their porch lights, signifying that there would be no candy to give out. Some homes decided to get creative, and make pre-packaged candy bags, and invent devices to give out candy in a socially distanced fashion. The trick or treater turn out was not too great though. The streets that used to be filled with trick or treaters were now practically a ghost town, with only a few families out with masks on going to different homes for candy. 

Although the Waters End trick or treater turn out wasn’t like usual, many families sought alternative ways to keep Halloween alive. Outdoor movie nights were a popular occurrence. Some families set up projectors in the backyard, and created a fun movie night. Some families also took the movie theater inside, and watched movies together in their homes. Fun board games, treats, and other ideas also took place that Saturday. 

Although this Halloween was different, for many people, it was still a fun day. Hopefully next Halloween will be a different story, and soon people may be able to return to old Halloween traditions.

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