Healing Crystals

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Have you heard of healing crystals before? You may have heard of manifestation from tiktok or another form of social media. Manifestation goes hand in hand with healing crystals. Crystals such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Moonstone are all common crystals and they all have different specialities. Healing crystals are thought to bring positive energy and help remove the body and mind of negative energy. Even though there is no scientific evidence, healing crystals have helped the body and mind of many people.They are still drawn to the beautiful colors and the idea of getting rid of toxic energy. But how do healing crystals work? 

Amethyst is a purple stone that is said to bring protective, healing, and purifying energy to the body and mind. Although, this stone isn’t new to the healing game. According to the article Amethyst Meaning, “Since 25,000 BC. From the Greeks to the Romans and even the Egyptians,” everyone was drawn to the beauty and healing properties of this crystal. Amethyst comes from the ancient Greek word Amethystos which means “not intoxicated.”The origin story is actually quite interesting and helps us understand why it means “not intoxicated.” There was a young girl who found herself on the receiving end of wrath from the God Dionys when he was drunk, she quickly called for the Goddess Diana and asked her to help. Diana then turned the young girl to the beautiful purple crystal we know today as Amethyst. Derived from that phrase, Amethyst is also known to help with sobriety. Amethyst doesn’t only bring mental healing properties, it also helps boost your immune system, deeper sleep, and can help with migraines. Lastly, Amethyst is known to help open your third eye, which is the concept of seeing beyond ordinary light. 

Rose Quartz is a light pink stone that focuses its energy on love. It helps restore trust and harmony in all types of relationships, not just romantic. As well as restoring trust, it is also said to provide comfort in times of grief. This stone has been used as a token of love since 600 B.C. The ancient Egyptians would bury Rose Quartz with the dead, and many stones have been recovered from the tombs. Rose Quartz can also help children with night terrors and helps aid in traumas. If you were born between October 22nd-November 20th, Rose Quartz is your birthstone along with the corresponding stone with the Zodiac sign Scorpio. The origin story of this crystal also dates back to Greek mythology when the Goddess Aphrodite and God Adonis were attacked by Aries, God of war, in the form of a boar, and their blood stained the white quartz pink. Because of that tale, the crystal has been associated with love, even though it holds many more powers, such as, soothing burns, relieves stress and tension, as well as stabilizing heart rhythms. This crystal also helps with postpartum depression within a mother. 

Moonstone is a light blue circular stone that is known for “new beginnings.” This stone is associated with happiness, good fortune, unselfishness, humanitarian, and love. Moonstone is the birthstone of June, corresponding with the Zodiac signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Libra. It is also aligned with the element of water, and you probably guessed it, it’s also associated with the Moon. Unlike the other crystals that were popular in ancient times, Moonstone only became an iconic stone in the 1900s when they began putting it into jewelry. When worn as jewelry, people have stated it makes their “aura” glow and become positive and draws people to them. Moonstone allows you to become more confident in your own skin because it is the stone of ‘new beginnings,” which means it lets you start over emotionally and reevaluates your emotion standards. Unlike the other crystals, Moonstone isn’t organized as Greek mythology, instead ancient Romans believed Moonstone came from the Gem of winter and was only to be worn on Mondays.    

Even though healing crystals have no scientific evidence to prove they help heal and ease the mind, people are and have been drawn to them for a very long time. It might be because people want something to believe in, or it may be because they enjoy the idea of positive energy surrounding them. Whatever it may be, healing crystals are very present in our society today and allow people to find inner and outer peace. Fun fact, healing crystals can also improve your manifestation tactics! These crystals have so many different specialties and are so beautiful, so maybe you want to bring some positive vibes into your life and crystals are a great way to do so!

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