Are Designer Brands Really Worth Their Price ?


Gucci, LV, Balenciaga, Fendi, Prada; are these brands familiar to you? If you thought designer or high end brands, then you’re right! Everyone seems to want designer brands these days either to show off their luxury to make them feel happy, but is the cost really worth it? Are these brands worth the hype? 

“Customers of luxury brands pay for the designer name,” says Kara Lane. Some designer products are just ordinary items with high brand names, you can get the same material, but with a different, low end brand for way cheaper, so basically, most of the designer stuff you see are literally charging for their name brand. From clothing to accessories, designer brands make them all and charge hundreds or even thousands for one of their products. Some of these products don’t even have good quality and can easily be ruined. 

On the contrary, there are some good designer brands that can be worth your money. Some designer brands really do make your money worth it by using high quality items to make their products which can guarantee you a long lasting usage. Not only is it long lasting, but it makes you look…..fancier in a way since you spent so much money on the product, a lot of people will notice.

Some people buy designers for the sake that it will last them a long time while others want to show off or fit in with the crowd. Whatever reason you want a designer item for is completely up to you, but before you do so, make sure the product is worth your money and do research about the brand, see if it’ll last you long and if the product is made from good quality. All in all, designer brands can be worth it depending on the brand and quality. 

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