Dogs Are Officially Back in the White House!


 Saturday morning it was announced that Joe Biden would be the 46th president elect, and Kamala Harris would be the Vice President elect of the United States. This was a very exciting day for many Americans, and gave a lot of hope for the future. It’s obvious that there would be changes in the White House come January 20, but one of the most exciting changes was the fact that they would be dogs back in the White House. 

Donald Trump was the first President of the United States to not have a pet in the White House in 100 years. Although a pet might not be a huge deal to the White House, it is American tradition, and it’s exciting to see this tradition back again next year. 

Joe Biden will be adding two German Shepherds to the White House when January comes around. His two dogs are named Major and Champ. In an interview with WIRED, Joe Biden tells the story of how he got his dog named Champ. The dog was given to him by his family if he agreed to be Barack Obama‘s vice president. His second dog, major, was given to him from a rescue. 

The majority of Presidents had dogs, while some had possums, snakes, pigs, cats, and so much more! It will be very exciting and nice to see two dogs back in the White House, and working by the 46th Presidents side.

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