What Does Preferring To Take A Cold Shower Say About You?


 Everyone takes showers. We have to in order to stay clean, smell fresh, and to keep up with personal hygiene. Everyone chooses differently as far as the temperature of the water they prefer to shower under. However the case may be, hardly anyone, it seems, is comfortable with showering under cold water. Most would like warm or even extremely hot water; or so it seems. 

I mean, why would anyone want to shower under cold water? 

How are they able to handle it? 

Do only certain types of people like to shower with cold water? Does it say something about one’s personality? 

 For starters, it is believed by many experts that taking cold showers can actually be good for your health and in general. One of those seems to be a stronger metabolism and immune system. An article titled, “Are there any health benefits to a cold shower?”, written by Rachel Nall and published by Medical News Today in 2019, said, “A study in the journal PLoS One found that people who take cold showers are 29% less likely to call in sick for work or school…Although those who took cold showers were less likely to call in sick for work, they did not report fewer sick days. The researchers concluded that cold showers might make a person’s illness feel less severe, allowing them to continue with their daily activities.”Apparently, cold showers allow people to feel better and they have some sort of pleasant, breathy aura to them. Maybe they bring about a nice air that you can inhale absolutely while you’re showering whereas when you’re taking a warm or hot shower, the steam can get completely in the way. I can see how they can help you feel better if it was for that reason. 

It is also believed that when you start taking cold showers more often, you start to feel better or your mood changes in a positive way. The Medical News Today article later said, “Some researchers theorize that cold showers can have mood boosting benefits. An older article in the journal Medical Hypotheses suggests that because cold showers activate the sympathetic nervous system and increase the availability of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and endorphins, people may be less likely to experience depressive symptoms after a cold shower.” Sharp freezing volts are worth it if you’re left smiling long after your shower is over, I agree. I would give in to a cold shower just to have a pleasant attitude on a constant basis. I can see why that’s appealing. If you’re left with a smile on your face everytime, then that’s good for you. 

I also feel like another reason people may like to take cold showers is because it cools them down, not to mention, it makes them not make them sweat so much while they’re showering and when they get out. Also, as a result, they likely won’t feel cold or shivers when they get out or be confronted with steam at every turn. If you take a cold shower, steam won’t fill up your bathroom and won’t get all over your mirror, and you can actually be able to look at yourself. 

Whatever advantages taking cold showers seem to bring to someone, I will go ahead and say that, no matter what, I will always and forever opt to take hot and super warm showers, especially at night. It just feels better on my skin, you know? 

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