Hospital Workers Win $6 Million


With the seemingly unlucky series of events this year, it appears that a couple hospital workers managed to score some good luck out of it. Heewon (Theresa) Choi, Melanie Nolan and their two unnamed coworkers who all work at the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster, British Columbia. 

The Royal Columbian Hospital is the oldest hospital in the Canadian province of British Columbia and is the most busy. The four workers had been buying lottery tickets at a convenience store using important dates such as birthdays or anniversaries for their numbers.

Heewon (Theresa) Choi was a sort of leader of the group and bought the ticket last month. While in her office, she checked the lottery tickets on its app and saw that she won. Shocked, she immediately showed the closest person to her; Melanie Nolan. 

According to CNN, “At first, she said she thought they had won $6,000, but upon further inspection she realized it was more, a lot more.” As the two of the four were taking in this news, the other two showed up to work and were told the news as well. In complete disbelief, they thought it was a joke.

Once they finally realized their extremely lucky win, they started to think about what they would use it on. According to CNN, “The group said they are planning to go to a nice dinner together, but other than that only one of them had an idea.Nolan said she plans to donate some of her winnings to the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation. After that, she may go back to school.”

All in all, these nurses got extremely lucky in what started as a game in a friend group and won an astonishing amount of 6 million dollars. Instead of being greedy and spending it on luxuries, the nurses showed their true nature and began to plan to donate to their hospital, probably setting themselves up for some currently extremely needed karma.

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