Teen Pop: Is It Important Enough To Have Its Own Billboard Chart?


 Teen Pop: I think most people are aware of the concept of it, but some people don’t seem to understand how much of a genre of its own it is. Although most teens tend to enjoy listening to pop music in general, teen pop is essentially a less mature version of real pop, where the music might be less mature and explicit even if the subject matters are still the same. 

   Still, it can be a very lucrative genre if given its own wheels. This can be because not only teenagers will take interest in some of the music deemed ‘teen pop’; this type of music would also be for pre-teens and young kids. Yes, they stream music as well. Take Justin Bieber for instance. Back when he was a young teenager making popular music, lots of teen girls were playing his music, as well as pre-teens and little girls. It’s pretty obvious that ‘teen pop’ is a genre within itself, so I’m left with a question? Should Billboard give it its own chart? 

   As an article published by Fame Magazine in 2019, titled “Top 5 Most Popular Music Genres Among Modern Teens” and written by Cody Rhodes, puts it, “Pop music is among popular music for teenagers. This genre of music draws elements from both folk and fine arts music. In the U.S., 52% of teens aged 16-19 consume pop music.” Therefore, it would make sense to essentially give teens their own pop music (and chart) that they can identify with and then they can watch themselves have the first say in a song or album going number 1 or 2 on their chart. 

  If this were to be the case, what would such a chart be called? What factors would go into charting? For starters, it could potentially be called something like, “Teen Pop 90 Chart” or “Teen Pop Top 50 Radio Singles Chart”. Honestly, I don’t think the well would be hot on the market enough to warrant a chart with 100 available positions. And then, for the albums chart, it would be something like, “Teen Pop 100 Albums Chart”. How artists would make this chart would be in the same way they would make the Adult Contemporary charts, another age-based chart, or even the Billboard Hot 100: through streaming. I’m sure there is a way to determine how frequent young tweens stream certain music. 

Even when important factors come into the equation, I honestly don’t think teen pop is really all that important right now. Right now, most teens have regular pop to listen to where the music would probably have more mature content discussed, and you know kids like to cross boundaries like that. Listening to explicit music is like going to the Forbidden City for some of them. But, saying this doesn’t necessarily mean things can’t change in the future. Who knows? Maybe Billboard will give Teen Pop its own genre one day. 

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