Harry Styles Fans Are Enraged by Candace Owens’ Words


Many know about the drama that happened between Harry Styles and Candace Owens. But, if you didn’t know, Candace Owens tweeted about Harry Styles wearing a dress on the Vogue cover. Candace saw the issue as un-masculine. She expressed that we need men who express what it means to be a man. Before getting any further into this, there are a few things you should know about Harry Styles. He is the most successful member from the band known as One Direction, with a net worth of $75 million. Harry is #32 most popular on Famous Birthdays, and a total of 33 million followers on Instagram. According to https://yougov.co.uk/topics/entertainment/explore/music_artist/Harry_Styles, “Harry Styles is the 172nd most popular pop music artist and the 36th most famous. Harry Styles is described by fans as: Crowd pleaser, Catchy, Defines a generation, Great musician and Great lyrics.” This indicates his large following and huge fan base, as he is an inspiration to many people. Which would explain why people would get upset over Candace Owens words. 

Candace tweeted on November 15th saying we need to “bring back manly men ”. Conservatives agree with what she said but many liberals were infuriated by her words. This immediately became a big situation and developed into Twitter’s top trending. Many started to defend Harry, both fans and celebrities. 

A big TikTok influencer known as “Spence Buah” called Candace out for what she said about Harry, as Spencer is a huge Harry Styles fan. He explained how “manly men” can be however you want it to be, that “manly men” don’t have a look, and how clothes have no gender. Spencer also pointed out that whenever you search up Candace on Google, all you see are pictures of her in a suit. This implies that if what Candace was saying about clothes having a gender is true, then why is she wearing a suit if it’s a ‘guy’ thing? With Spencer being as big as he is on TikTok, the video blew up within just a couple of hours. It reached Candace’s attention and she posted about him on her Instagram story 3 times. Spencer then clapped back asking why “a grown republican politician” tweeted a video of him and put him on her Instagram story 3 times. 

Although Candace received a lot of backlash, she is still not sorry. She tweeted again saying, “Since I’m trending I’d like to clarify what I meant when I said ‘bring back manly men.’ I meant: Bring back manly men. Terms like ‘toxic masculinity’ were created by toxic females. Real women don’t do fake feminism. Sorry I’m not sorry.”

 A countless number of people are extremely upset that Candace isn’t sorry about her words towards Harry. But at the end of the day, we all have our own beliefs and if Candace believes this, then we can just simply ignore her and move on.

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